Month: December 2017

Resource Reviews: Clozemaster, Amikumu, uTalk

In the latest episode of the Creative Language Learning podcast,  host Kerstin Cable and guest Chuck Smith have a very interesting discussion of the newest language learning apps.   Since I am always looking for new resources to help with the Couch to Korean Challenge, I checked out the apps they talked about.  Today I will discuss my initial impressions of… Read more →

Book Review: The Rory Stewart Crazy Train Trilogy

The Lexplorers have been enjoying our series of book reviews of What Were They Thinking? travel adventures,  in which we can live vicariously through the fascinating (and often terrifying) accounts of authors who have written about unique journeys in interesting places.  These authors describe journeys above and beyond the standard travelogue, visiting places we might not otherwise be able to… Read more →

Language Learning via Parallel Corpora

After spending a lot of time building a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary for the Couch to Korean Challenge, I was itching to put it all together and explore the Korean language beyond the textbook sentences and vocabulary flashcards.  Don’t get me wrong, I love textbooks and flashcards, especially when they offer good examples of full sentences that help… Read more →