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Book Review: Couchsurfing Im Iran

Couchsurfing Im Iran: Meine Reise hinter verschlossene Türen by: Stephan Orth Lexplorers rating: 8.0/10 Amazon ( average customer rating: 4.3/5 Next up in our series of Lexplorers reviews of “What Were They Thinking? travel adventures,” today we discuss Couchsurfing Im Iran: Meine Reise hinter verschlossene Türen (“Couchsurfing in Iran: My Travels Behind Closed Doors”) by Stephan Orth.  This book is a… Read more →

Some Useful Korean Grammar Resources

  While the recent phase of the Couch to Korean Challenge has been mostly about building vocabulary, isolated words aren’t very useful without the grammar to glue them all together in a meaningful way.  So I have also spent some time learning and practicing the Korean grammar.   In the process I have explored and evaluated many different Korean grammar resources.   … Read more →

The 4th (and 3rd) Water Stop in the Couch to Korean Challenge

There is an English idiom “to drink from the firehose,” which means to attempt to make some sense from an overwhelming quantity of information.   This is a perfect metaphor for the past couple months of the Couch to Korean Challenge, as the Korean firehose sprayed me straight in the face while I tried to gulp down enough water (but no… Read more →

Some Useful Korean Vocabulary Resources

This phase of the Couch to Korean Challenge has been all about building vocabulary, and in the process I have explored and evaluated many different Korean vocabulary resources.  In this post I will share my thoughts on a few of these resources.  As always, I will be keeping the Korean Resources page updated with everything I come across. My approach… Read more →

Water Meat and New Gold: Fun With Korean Vocabulary

During this phase of the Couch to Korean Challenge, I have been focusing almost exclusively on vocabulary.   Building vocabulary is the most important part of learning any new language.   Unfortunately for me, Korean vocabulary draws very heavily from words of Chinese origin, and I have no background at all in any Chinese languages.  So I could not bootstrap my… Read more →

Looking for the Star of Wood on Six Moon Three Ten Sun Gold Day

The Lexplorers are always on the lookout for public multilingual displays, such as the neighborly and friendly signs that have been popping up in the area.   At the local playground last week, I was happy to stumble upon a set of spinny cylinders showing the planets of the solar system, with the planet names in English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish,… Read more →

Book Review: Reading the OED

Reading the OED: One Man, One Year, 21,730 Pages by Ammon Shea Lexplorers rating: 6.5/10 average customer rating: 4.2/5 I have been on a bit of a lexicography kick lately, starting with some thoughts on words in the National Spelling Bee, and then taking an enjoyable tour through the craft of dictionary-making with Word By Word.  Despite enjoying dictionaries… Read more →