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Book Review: Couchsurfing Im Iran

Couchsurfing Im Iran: Meine Reise hinter verschlossene Türen by: Stephan Orth Lexplorers rating: 8.0/10 Amazon ( average customer rating: 4.3/5 Next up in our series of Lexplorers reviews of “What Were They Thinking? travel adventures,” today we discuss Couchsurfing Im Iran: Meine Reise hinter verschlossene Türen (“Couchsurfing in Iran: My Travels Behind Closed Doors”) by Stephan Orth.  This book is a… Read more →

Water Meat and New Gold: Fun With Korean Vocabulary

During this phase of the Couch to Korean Challenge, I have been focusing almost exclusively on vocabulary.   Building vocabulary is the most important part of learning any new language.   Unfortunately for me, Korean vocabulary draws very heavily from words of Chinese origin, and I have no background at all in any Chinese languages.  So I could not bootstrap my… Read more →