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Language Learning via Parallel Corpora

After spending a lot of time building a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary for the Couch to Korean Challenge, I was itching to put it all together and explore the Korean language beyond the textbook sentences and vocabulary flashcards.  Don’t get me wrong, I love textbooks and flashcards, especially when they offer good examples of full sentences that help… Read more →

Some Useful Korean Grammar Resources

  While the recent phase of the Couch to Korean Challenge has been mostly about building vocabulary, isolated words aren’t very useful without the grammar to glue them all together in a meaningful way.  So I have also spent some time learning and practicing the Korean grammar.   In the process I have explored and evaluated many different Korean grammar resources.   … Read more →

The 4th (and 3rd) Water Stop in the Couch to Korean Challenge

There is an English idiom “to drink from the firehose,” which means to attempt to make some sense from an overwhelming quantity of information.   This is a perfect metaphor for the past couple months of the Couch to Korean Challenge, as the Korean firehose sprayed me straight in the face while I tried to gulp down enough water (but no… Read more →