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!نوروز سال ۱۳۹۶ مبارک (Happy New Year 1396!)

Last Monday was the first day of Spring.  Officially known as the Vernal Equinox, from the Latin vernālis (“pertaining to the spring”) and aequus (“equal”) + nox (“night”), the first day of Spring also marks the start of the Persian New Year. The Persian celebration of نوروز  (Noruz, which translates as “new light” or “new day”) goes back thousands of… Read more →

From Schönberg and Bel Monte to Belmont: Beautiful Mountains across the US

We recently spent time in two different American towns named Belmont, and that got us thinking about the origin of the name Belmont and its presence in many places across the US.  So today we put on our Lexplorers toponymy hats. On the surface, the two Belmonts we visited are remarkably similar, despite being 3,000 miles apart.  Belmont, Massachusetts is… Read more →

Lexplorers Podcast Episode #1: A Conversation With Carlos


In our inaugural Lexplorers podcast, we talk with Carlos from the Lexplorers team about his ongoing study of the Korean language, his experience visiting Korea, and how both have quite dramatically affected his recent life and his future plans.  We also taste test two Korean snack foods: Chicken Macho and Street Food (aka “Sausage on a Stick”).


What’s In a Name?

‘That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.’ -William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene ii) Where did the name Lexplorers come from?   We thought it would be fun to recap the thought process behind the name. The name Lexplorers is a mashup of explorers and  lex-.   The explorers part should be… Read more →

Meet the Lexplorers

Now that the site is up and running, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to talk a little about what we have planned. The Lexplorers are passionate about exploring the world of language learning and exploring the world by learning languages.  We know that learning a new language is hard work, but we also… Read more →

Hello world! ¡Hola mundo! 안녕 세계! !سلام دنیا

Welcome to Lexplorers, where we will be hosting discussions and conversations about the world of languages and language learning, as well as the important role of languages and language learning in the world.   In the coming days we will introduce ourselves and our mission, and we will embark on our first big language learning exploration. We have had this site… Read more →