Hello world! ¡Hola mundo! 안녕 세계! !سلام دنیا

Welcome to Lexplorers, where we will be hosting discussions and conversations about the world of languages and language learning, as well as the important role of languages and language learning in the world.   In the coming days we will introduce ourselves and our mission, and we will embark on our first big language learning exploration.

We have had this site in the works for quite a while, and we are excited to finally be up and running.    When we got everything configured last night and the front page of the new site loaded successfully for the first time, we decided it called for a celebratory toast.  But not just any toast; this called for a Lexplorers toast.  So we pulled out bottles in three different languages from three different countries.   We toasted with a glass of Ararat brandy from Armenia, Nikka whisky from Japan, and Irish Mist whiskey liqueur from Ireland.   We toasted to an exciting new adventure in exploring and learning languages, and to sharing the journey as we go.

So Hello World from the Lexplorers.  We are excited to be here!

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